Friday, February 5, 2010

Demmer Corporation supports students at LCC

The Lansing Community College Foundation is the recipient of a $100,000 gift from the
Demmer Corporation
to create and fund the John and Marnie Demmer Endowed Scholarship Fund.
The fund will support students enrolled in the Manufacturing Engineering Technology programs at LCC.

“I am delighted that we have such a positive response to the need of our students by one of our local major corporations, such as Demmer,” states Pat Ouellette, the LCC Foundation Chairperson.

The establishment of the endowment fund continues a family tradition of support to Lansing Community College students. In 1990, Bill Demmer’s aunt and uncle, David and Karen Noe, established the Gustave A. and Marguerite Olofsson endowment fund in memory of their parents and Mr. Demmer’s grandparents. The Olofsson Endowment Fund also supports students in the Manufacturing Engineering Technology programs.

“The Lansing Community College has a unique skill set that can train and retrain our regional population for the new economy. Private businesses have historically been the real job generators of our society. One of the best ways for our economy to meet foreign competition is for our work force to be in constant training and skill development. Our community colleges are at the fore front of that effort. I hope that in some small way that our contribution to Lansing Community College inspires and helps our regional workforce to build world class skills,” comments donor William Demmer.
From left to right in the photo, you see Bill Demmer, Sue Fisher, Heather Shawa-DeCook, Peggy Hellwig.
We are so thankful for the donation and thank Bill Demmer and the Demmer Corporation for supporting the Foundation in this way. Most of all, the students thank them.


Welcome to the first blog for the Lansing Community College Foundation! Technology sure is changing, and offering us new ways to stay in touch. The Foundation is jumping on board with a Blog to keep you informed of new scholarships, upcoming events and ways to support LCC students.
So, please talk to us through this Blog. Let us know your ideas or thoughts about the good work of the Foundation. We are always looking for new ways to connect with donors, students, employees and retirees.
The house next to this text is the home of the LCC Foundation. See my office?- it is the one behind the upstairs balcony. Working in a beautiful historic home like this is a treat. The woodwork and architecture is special and we enjoy working here. We always have something new going on. Lately we have been visited by squirrels in the attic. I think they like having parties up there.
Sharing the house with me (and the squirrels) is Peggy Hellwig, the Scholarship Coordinator. She has the best job of matching student applicants with scholarship funds and then gets to give the money away! Beth Vanderlip is the database specialist, who makes sure every gift is logged into a database, thank you notes are sent and giving reports are done. Andrew Lathrop is busy connecting with LCC Alumni as the Alumni Relations and Annual Campaign Manager. Each week we find more and more alumni and love sharing their stories of success. LCC is truly where success begins! We hear that from our Alumni. Cora Huguely is busy planning the next Foundation special event and keeping the student employees busy. We are fortunate to have four part time student employees working with us. It is great to see them balance work, school and home life so well.
Our introductions are made. Now please introduce yourself to us with this Blog? I look forward to hearing back from you! Have a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend! Keep Smiling!